Revana is pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and gifted.
Her diagnosis and subsequent treatment of my ailments has been a revelation for me.
Within a few weeks I went from being unable to walk short distances without pain, to feelings of health, strength and optimism.
A year later and I seldom think about the issues with my knee and the sciatica that plagued me.
Investment in my physical health has given me so many benefits in all aspects of my life.  Thank you Revana.  John S.

Having been suffering with Crohns Disease for a while, I began to develop Alopecia Nervosa (sudden hair loss represented by circular bald patches all over my scalp). At the GP they prescribed steroid cream (which I had to use sparingly), but apart from that there was nothing else I or they could do. There was no cure, no indication if my hair would ever grow back, or even when it might stop shedding. The future was uncertain and I felt helpless, my long brown hair was balding at the age of only 34. It was suggested I try acupuncture. I has no idea what to expect but the acupuncture did not hurt and the experience was calming.. to this day I credit to return of my hair to Revana’s Acupuncture treatment. Revana knows what she is doing and is a great professional. Thank you so much Revana. Carla J

I have always found Revana to be very professional and caring. She takes time to listen to what problems I have and what I want to achieve from treatment. She keeps very good records. She will also listen to feedback from the last treatment to find out what worked well. I have an ongoing shoulder problem and found treatments with Revana have helped me so much with pain management. I would highly recommend Revana. Lisa S

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