Jing Shen/Qi Kong Exercise

Jing Shen Gentle Restorative Exercise.

Jing Shen translates literally as Essence and Spirit and invokes the concept of healthy and balanced lifestyle, and exercise is one important aspect. Jing Shen classes are a gentle way to exercise suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. Based on traditional Soft Form Qi Kong exercises. Simple postures and movements promote the free flow of internal energy, bringing mind, body and breathing together. In these classes you will be working gently with your body at a pace you are comfortable with to strengthen your inner energy and support your body to heal.

Qi Kong practice can bring many benefits, including improved flexibility, improved balance, better sleep, increased energy levels and mental clarity. Research also suggests that regular gentle exercise can help improve circulation and contribute to lowering blood pressure. You don’t need any special clothing or equipment for classes, just loose comfortable clothing and flat flexible shoes (or you can practice in bare feet). Everybody welcome.

Class times: Tuesday mornings 9.30 – 10.30

Cost: £7 per class drop in basis.

Private lessons available by arrangement £40 per session or £140.00 for four sessions paid in advance, for up to five people.

ACCESS. Please note the studio where classes are held is on the second floor and sorry there is no lift in the building.